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03.26 - 06.12. 2022

“Just as the sun shines on everyone, assholes and saints alike, the pandemic has been a great equalizer, showing us that whether we are rich or poor, gay or straight, black or white… we are all in the same boat.”

-Paul Lozano

“When a body meets a body” is the first individual exhibition of the artist Paul Lozano in Mexico City. Observing the compositions of each piece, we find the critical and humorous gaze of the artist who promotes dialogue based on difficult issues such as poverty, gender identity, class struggle and racism in the hope of uniting us and generating changes.

When Paul was younger, his mother taught him that a canvas guides the viewer's eyes so they can travel far and wide and feast on the work. Likewise, we can look at and appreciate life in all its splendor with curiosity. Looking not only at what seems beautiful to us, but also assimilating all the contrasts and details so that we can appreciate what is different, even what is "ugly". Lozano's work reflects a deep anxiety in the wake of our current situation, but at the same time encourages us to fight to find happiness.

Paul Lozano was born in Toronto Canada in 1978 and currently lives and works in the Narvarte neighborhood of Mexico City.