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“When the tide goes out and the mist disappears”

Daniela Elbahara Gallery presents the collective exhibition "When the tide goes out and the mist disappears." In this showcase, the infinite and subjective complexity of the artists' intimacy is explored. Each piece offers a glimpse into their imagination, something intimate and private that, when exhibited, creates a sense of complicity.

Inés Bárcena immerses us in a surreal world where each piece constitutes her life diary, blending family and interpersonal relationships to create scenarios where the earthly and the astral merge.

Jesi Jordan and her surreal automatism take us on an exploration of her psyche through internal dialogues and emotional radiographs rooted in nature and femininity, filled with organic forms and mystical figures. Jesi invites us into her inner garden.

Daniela Villarreal's photographs reflect a collective intimacy within the universe of the feminine. Villarreal's contemplative moments capture the body-nature relationship.

Places impregnate our memories, and that's how Hugo Robledo, through dreamlike and utopian constructions based on Latin American modernist architectures, reconstructs spaces that resonate in our memory.

The essence of Mauricio Villarreal's works is elegant, nostalgic, and familiar, as well as ethereal. His painting represents moods and spectral presences that resonate with him and the spaces he inhabits.

With anxious figures and somber atmospheres, Ricardo González presents characters rooted in his unconscious. His inspiration comes from the urban environments around him, such as CDMX and New York.

The emotional relationship we develop with objects in our daily lives is encapsulated in Amber Cobb's work. Her pieces portray the contradictions between human behavior and desire through recognizable elements.

The present and the past coexist in Mario Zoots' work. Through collage, the artist opens a window to the pop culture of the '90s, repositioning visual elements like covers of used books, giving them new meaning loaded with nostalgia.

Here the oscillation between figuration and abstraction manifested in this exhibition appears as a vibrant tapestry, woven by threads that reveal vulnerabilities. Embracing the idea that we cannot show the entire essence, but only small fragments that reflect the richness and complexity of artistic intimacy. 

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"Objeto sin Objeto"
08.31.23 - 11.10.23
Helena Garza

Helena Garza is an artist from Tlaxcala, Mexico with a background in classical music and visual arts. Her main focus is painting, and in recent years she has experimented with various technologies including live coding, virtual reality, biotechnology and performance practices, which have allowed him to merge with other disciplines and audiences.

Inspired by the aesthetics of vaporware, cyberpunk, and scientific and philosophical theories about post-humanity and the perception of reality, Helena proposes a space/entity that lies on the border between the abstract and the figurative, which she calls << meta figurative>>.

In the same way that the digital field echoes physical reality, but works on its own rules, this space / entity feeds on the process of contemplating and observing nature and how it’s materiality, re-interprets itself pushing objects to the edge of the recognizable.

06.29.23 - 08.05.23
Sofía Ortiz & Brendan Fagan

DANIELA ELBAHARA presents “CUATES”, a group exhibition by the Mexican painter Sofía Ortiz and the multidisciplinary American artist, Brendan Fagan.

The name of the exhibition refers to the close relationship that exists between the artists, who even without sharing kinship have a connection.

Sofía Ortiz (Mexico City, 1988), a graduate of RISD and Yale universities, and Brendan Fagan (Portsmouth, Virginia, 1978), well-known in the New York art scene, became friends sharing a studio in Mexico City. As they parted ways, they continued to hang out and reflect on their work. Their meeting point was drawing, the predominant use of blue and organic forms.

Ortiz y Fagen's work shares an interest in nature's ability to dominate, inspire, and terrify. His drawings show “the dissonance between reality and perception”. That is to say: what we see is not the observable world, but a more faithful representation of what they perceive from their personal perspectives.

In this exhibition both artists produced new work. Fagan uses a different canvas: denim. First he draws on it with chlorine and then paints with oil, producing textures similar to chemical reactions. In his work, plants and body parts constantly change size, altering our understanding of the environment and its components as a psychedelic experience.

Ortiz makes landscapes in watercolor and Chinese ink on paper. The size of the format used is large or small, also pointing to the importance of observing the general or the detail. The artist likes to observe nature, and Fagen likes to observe himself and others. Both share a feeling of outsiders but are capable of connecting with the sublime.

"The “Ghost Has No Home"
Mario Zoots

Daniela Elbahara is proud to present “The “Ghost Has No Home” Mario Zoots' 1st solo exhibition in space.

The Denver-based artist shows a series of paintings created with a variety of analog and digital techniques, in which he reuses 1980s fashion ads, reforming and applying washes of monochrome paint that separate the image from its original context. .

In "The Ghost Has No Home," Zoots unfolds a cryptic narrative that evokes the spectral nature of memory, identity, and place. Drawing on theories of art such as the rhizome, a concept introduced by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Zoots's work embodies the non-linear and interconnected nature of the human experience. His work also bears a distinctive echo of Walter Benjamin's notion of "aura" and its decay in the age of mechanical reproduction, as each fragmented image loses its original context and takes on new meaning in the assemblage.

The found photographs, selected and assembled, evoke an ethereal atmosphere that immerses the viewer in a liminal space between the known and the unknown. By juxtaposing disparate elements, Zoots creates a visual syntax that defies linear narratives, leaving interpretation open to the viewer's imagination and psychological projections.

"The Ghost Has No Home" alludes to the elusive essence of memory, identity and time. This spectral presence, not tied to a singular location, serves as a metaphor for the fragmented nature of our collective experience, moving through the past, present, and future.

In this exhibition, Mario Zoots embodies a daring and provocative approach. Collage as a technique can be perceived as a re-appropriation of elements that belong to others. This notion resonates with the graffiti antecedents of Zoots, where he "stole " building spaces and train cars throughout Denver to make their mark. For the artist, the element of risk is essential within the creative process; without it, art cannot truly exist.


Mario Zoots (b.1981) lives and works in Denver, CO, where he received his MFA from the University of Denver in 2014. As a lens-based artist, he employs modes of appropriation and collage. Altering mass-produced images, found photographs, and pop culture icons to reimagine and question the belief systems that shape our world. 

Zoots’ work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at museums and galleries, including the Museum of Image + Sound Sao Paulo, Brazil (2010); Preteen Gallery, Mexico City, MX (2012); K Contemporary, Denver, CO (2017, 2019, 2022), Straat Museum in Amsterdam (2022) Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, CO (2023) and most recently at Daniela Elbahara, Mexico City, MX. In addition, his work is featured in The Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art and Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage, published by Gestalten, Berlin, Germany. He is represented in Denver by K Contemporary and in Mexico City by Daniela Elbahara.

Zoots is the Curator of Collé, a publication exploring the world of contemporary collage, and Curatorial Manager for New Projects, an arts initiative designed to foster experimentation and collaboration.

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