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MTY, MX – 2001


Inés Bárcena is a self-taught Mexican artist born in Monterrey, N.L. Her first approach to the arts was through her mother’s practice; a jewelry designer. Bárcena began painting at the age of 16, inspired by feminine surrealism thanks to her maternal grandmother who had a collection of pieces from the movement and a friendship with one of its representatives, the painter Leonora Carrington. Likewise, she learned to paint in oil, chiaroscuro and with cochineal grain in the city of Oaxaca. Her pieces are based on illustrations that visualize surreal and fantastic worlds that provoke introspection. Barcena´s purpose is to redefine her identity by recreating through painting intimate personal events.

Bárcena’s work moves different planes of existence to heal and remember the magic from which we come. Each piece is like a diary of her life, and she subtracts it with different forms of meditation and dreaming, which allow her to compose surreal images with one foot in the earthly and the other in the astral. This is how she channels the power of coincidences and making her paintings consummate like the adventure of a “spoiled brat” in a good novel, where the viewer is also part of the story.


  • 2021 Individual exhibition Plaza XO, Monterrey
  • 2022 Women’s collective exhibition “Magenta” for Armario 916 gallery
  • 2022 Collective exhibition “Tribute to Surrealism” Plaza Fátima Cultural Center
  • 2022 Independent collective exhibition “Brujotas” exhibition for Hotel Auténtico
  • 2023 Collective exhibition “Dreams” Plaza Fátima Cultural Center
  • 2023 Collective exhibition “Anima” Galansboard house
  • 2023 Group exhibition “Casa Erosionada” Anahuacalli Diego Rivera Museum, CDMX