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MTY, MX – 2001


Inés Bárcena is a self-taught Mexican artist born in Monterrey, N.L. Her first approach to the arts was through her mother’s practice; a jewelry designer. Bárcena began painting at the age of 16, inspired by feminine surrealism thanks to her maternal grandmother who had a collection of pieces from the movement and a friendship with one of its representatives, the painter Leonora Carrington. Likewise, she learned to paint in oil, chiaroscuro and with cochineal grain in the city of Oaxaca. Her pieces are based on illustrations that visualize surreal and fantastic worlds that provoke introspection. Barcena´s purpose is to redefine her identity by recreating through painting intimate personal events.

Bárcena’s work moves different planes of existence to heal and remember the magic from which we come. Each piece is like a diary of her life, and she subtracts it with different forms of meditation and dreaming, which allow her to compose surreal images with one foot in the earthly and the other in the astral. This is how she channels the power of coincidences and making her paintings consummate like the adventure of a “spoiled brat” in a good novel, where the viewer is also part of the story.


  • 2021 Individual exhibition Plaza XO, Monterrey
  • 2022 Women’s collective exhibition “Magenta” for Armario 916 gallery
  • 2022 Collective exhibition “Tribute to Surrealism” Plaza Fátima Cultural Center
  • 2022 Independent collective exhibition “Brujotas” exhibition for Hotel Auténtico
  • 2023 Collective exhibition “Dreams” Plaza Fátima Cultural Center
  • 2023 Collective exhibition “Anima” Galansboard house
  • 2023 Group exhibition “Casa Erosionada” Anahuacalli Diego Rivera Museum, CDMX


MTY, MX – 1999


Mauricio Villarreal’s work is populated by ethereal beings that escape any intention of restraining them. Their bodies—sometimes discernible, and other times barely hinted at—are made up of the same element as memories and dreams. It is a translucent blanket that can be passed through and touched, but not trapped, like a wisp of smoke or the steam left after a hot shower. These characters are self-portraits in different times and perspectives of the artist’s life, as they originate from experiences and the exploration of the subconscious. Additionally, the characters represent archetypes of social conditions, human behaviors, and common fears.

For Villarreal, art has the potential for emotional healing. The painting functions as a threshold of access to a spiritual reality that manifests itself in the memory, desires and mood of both the creator and the viewer who finds a bond of empathy in the work.

He studied architecture at TEC for two years, then he began to paint.

He enrolled in architecture at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and transferred to a bachelor’s degree in arts at UDEM. In addition to his practice, Villarreal paints, does analog photography, perfumery, ceramics, sculptural pieces and clothing.

He has participated in four group exhibitions in Monterrey, one of them in 2016 at the Centenario Museum, in 2017 at the Metropolitan Museum and in the Marcelo Galán studio space and in the group exhibition “Casa Erosionada” at the Anahuacalli Museum by Diego Rivera Agosto – October 2023. Has participated in Salón Cosa MTY. And he has had three individual exhibitions; Espacio sin nombre, Monterrey in 2020, another in CHUCH.




Helena Garza is an artist from Tlaxcala, Mexico, with training in classical music and visual arts. Her main focus is painting. In recent years she has experimented with various technologies and software. Her creative process fuses live coding, virtual reality, biotechnology and performative practices, which have allowed him to become known to different audiences. Her work is inspired by the aesthetics of vaporwave, cyberpunk and scientific and philosophical theories about post-humanity and the perception of reality, Helena proposes a space/entity that is on the border between the abstract and figurative, to which she called “figurative goal.” It has been selected in several national and international competitions such as: XIX Tamayo Biennial, National Meeting of Young Art; Currents New Media; Tlaxcala Visual Arts Award; Yucatán Biennial, among others.

Group exhibitions:

  • 2022 “Screen Strokes” curated by Paty Siller, Pequod Co., CDMX
  • 2022 Living Art, JUMEX MUSEUM, CDMX.
  • 2022 Hors Champ, PDP Gallery, Paris.
  • 2022 In Balance, Heron Arts, San Francisco, CA.
  • 2021 Sonar, +D program, Hong Kong.
  • 2021 Crossing Lines, PDP Gallery, Paris/Los Angeles.
  • 2021 Female Visions, De Kooning Studio, Broadway, New York.
  • 2019 F-A-M-A, Monterrey, Nuevo León
  • 2018 Juxtapoz Club House, Miami, Austin and Denver.
  • 2018 “Five spaces on the fifth floor”, curated by KRSTO, CDMX.
  • 2018 “Soft rains are coming”, 10th Anniversary Digital Culture Center, CDMX.
  • 2018 “Thinking is now”, Tlaxcala Art Museum, MAT, Tlaxcala.


  • 2019 F-A-M-A, Monterrey, Nuevo León
  • 2022 Swab, Procedure, Barcelona,
  • 2022 Material, Janet 40, CDMX


  • 2023 “Woman is Art, Hotel Me Cabo, Los Cabos, B.C.S
  • 2021 Hotel El Ganso, Los Cabos B.C.S.


CDMX, MX – 1977


Ricardo González utilizes a limited palette, simplified mark-making, and sense of humor to explore the language of expressionistic painting and drawing. His work draws on his own automatic drawings, urban wall scribbles that populate his environment in Mexico City and New York, and celebrates a recurrence of Art Brut via the likes of Jean Dubuffet, Karel Appel, and A.R. Penck. His fast manic drawing suggests an intuitive child-like doodle. Fragmented figures with grimaces and smirks frequent Gonzalez’s work invoking a character all too familiar that is deep rooted in our collective unconscious, a sort of savage full of uninhibited energy that could easily be found in early rock n’ roll or the tales of early outlaw blues songs. The paintings ricochet between the sublime and the nihilistic, creating a tacit dialogue between satirical cartoon and evocative painterly gesture. Gonzalez elevates seemingly cursory doodles into signifiers of pure form, medium, and process, thus propelling them into the language of art.
(Text by Asya Geisberg Gallery)

Ricardo González was born in Mexico City and lives and works in New York. He received an MFA from New York University, and his BFA at New England School of Art & Design, Boston, MA and Madrid, Spain. He has exhibited in numerous venues in New York, NY, Boston, MA, Miami, FL, Berlin, Mexico, and Belgium.

Recent exhibitions include:

  • UNTITLED. Miami, Galeria Talcual, Mexico City
  • Traneudstillingen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Galeria W, Santiago, Chile

He is a recipient of:

  • Martin Wong Scholarship Award in Painting

His work has been reviewed in:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Time Out New York
  • Art F City
  • Pas un Autre




Jesi Jordan is a traditional animator, painter, and performance artist from Canada. Jesi’s work comes from the perspective of an un-institutionalized artist where she uses metamorphosis as a form of surreal and abstract storytelling. Her work functions as internal dialogues and emotional x-rays, using a technique best described as surrealist automatism in order to visualize conversations with the spirit world.

Recent solo exhibitions:

  • Solar Body, Gallery Libertad, Queretero, Mexico
  • A Pregnant Thought, Daniela Elbahara Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Magical Thinking, Weird Things Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Private Perspective, Lowell Gallery, Portland, USA
  • New Works, Weird Things Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Detective Vanilla, Rennan Isaac’s Contemporary Gallery, Guelph, Canada
  • Psychic Pain, Xpace Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Beneath The Air, Videofag Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Selected group exhibitions:

  • Recontexto del Descontexto, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oaxaca City, Mexico
  • Wobbly Womb, ELLEPHANT Gallery, Montreal, Canada ~ Quarter Life Crisis, Powerplant, Toronto, Canada
  • Red Bull 381 Projects Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Song In The Devil’s Throat, Quarter Life CrisisGround Floor Art Centre, Vancouver, Canada
  • Material Art Fair, Mexico City, MX ~ KillJoy’s Kastle at Plummer Park, West Hollywood, California, USA ~ Complex Social Change, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Scarborough, Canada
  • Artcite Inc, Windsor, Canada
  • Some New Fires, Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada ~ Margin of Eras, 24/7, Toronto, Canada
  • Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco, USA
  • Joyride, MCA Warehouse, Chicago, USA ~ We Won’t Compete, Art Gallery of Windsor, Canada
  • KillJoy Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House, Toronto, Canada ~ Miradero, El Huacal, Oaxaca City, MX
  • Future 33, YTB Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Fabrica Aurora, San Miguel, Mexico

Animation Screenings:

  • LATERNA MAGICA, Marseille, France
  • The Ministry of Casual Living Gallery, Victoria, BC
  • Idea Exchange, Cambridge
  • Lago Film Festival, Italy
  • Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany
  • Projected for the Feminist Art Gallery (FAG) Satellite Project, University of Lethbridge Art Gallery
  • Luminato Festival, Toronto
  • Inside Out Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • Haida Gwaii Film Festival, British Columbia
  • Complex Social Change, Doris McCarthy Gallery
  • EVER GOLD Gallery, San Francisco
  • Centre de Photographies Actuelles, Montreal
  • Queer City Cinema, Saskatchewan
  • Pleasure Dome, Toronto
  • Vtape’s Cinema, Toronto
  • Quarter Life Crisis, Powerball Gala Powerplant, Toronto
  • Feast in the East, Polyhaus, Toronto
  • Blue Sunshine Film Center, Montreal
  • Studio 407, Toronto
  • The Projection Booth Cinema, Toronto
  • The Electric Theatre, Toronto
  • 107 Shaw Gallery, Toronto
  • Bicycle Film Festival, Studio Gallery, Toronto
  • Cinecycle, Toronto
  • Studio 407, Toronto
  • The Projection Booth Cinema, Toronto
  • The Electric Theatre, Toronto
  • Pleasure Dome, Toronto
  • ELLEPHANT Gallery, Montreal, Canada


  • Pride, Toronto, CA
  • The Art Gallery of Ontario, CA
  • Los Angeles Archive, LA
  • Material Art Fair, Mexico City, MX
  • Summerworks, Toronto, CA
  • 1st Ontario Performing Arts Center, CA
  • Flux Factory Studios, New York, NY
  • Kamias Trennial, Manila, PH
  • EverSeeker Festival, Halifax, CA
  • Long Winter Festival, Toronto, CA
  • Kazoo Festival, Guelph, CA
  • Tone Deaf Festival Kingston, CA
  • Struts Gallery, New Brunswick, CA
  • SappyFest, New Brunswick, CA
  • POP Montreal, Montreal, CA
  • Wavelength Festival, Toronto, CA
  • The Boarding House, Guelph, CA
  • Double Double Land, Toronto, CA
  • This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton, CA


MX – 1990


Hugo Robledo produces paintings and site specific artworks. While he mainly focuses on two-dimensional works, he has experimented with sculpture and installation. Architecture, the built environment and man-made objects have long been the artist’s fascination. His most recent series explores visual representation of modernist architecture in Mexico and Latin America. A critical review of the formal attributes of late rationalist avantgarde movements motivate his latest works. The series of paintings refer to modernist architectural spaces and their representation. The oeuvre open up several questions about the abstract nature of architectural space, the qualities of surface and matter offered by the pictorial support and painting as an object or as representation. This body of work aims to create a connection between pictorial formalism and the ideological models that shaped the current sociopolitical reality.


He studied Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM. In 2012 he made an academic stay at the Institute of Arts of the State University of São Paulo. His first solo exhibition entitled “Jardín de Estratos” was presented in 2017 at Foro R-38 of the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana (Mexico City). He has been twice awarded the Young Creators’ Grant by the Mexican Secretariat of Culture in 2017 and 2019. He has participated in an artist-in-residence program at Fazenda Serinha in 2012 (Bragança Paulista, Brazil) and at Cobertizo in 2020 (Jilotepec, Mexico).