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Objeto sin Objeto

Helena Garza
08.31.23 – 10.14.23


Helena Garza is an artist from Tlaxcala, Mexico with a background in classical music and visual arts. Her main focus is painting, and in recent years she has experimented with various technologies including live coding, virtual reality, biotechnology and performance practices, which have allowed him to merge with other disciplines and audiences.

Inspired by the aesthetics of vaporware, cyberpunk, and scientific and philosophical theories about post-humanity and the perception of reality, Helena proposes a space/entity that lies on the border between the abstract and the figurative, which she calls << meta figurative>>.

In the same way that the digital field echoes physical reality, but works on its own rules, this space / entity feeds on the process of contemplating and observing nature and how it’s materiality, re-interprets itself pushing objects to the edge of the recognizable.