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06.18.22 – 08.12.22


Retired psychic turned self taught painter, Jesi Jordan reveals where spirits linger. How does a psychic retire from seeing things ? Spirits still follow her and she captures them as they linger around the crevices of each ripe flower pedal and harness deep inside the bosom of the earth.

Psychic forms are plucked from the air and then painted into solid form. Inside you’ll see each flower has its own symphony being sung.

The lily raises her neck and sings her seeds to slumber, as they plunge into the heart of the flower, birthing new life at her every hum.

Pollen rains down on swan songs as the earth’s hair blows kisses. Each strand blooms a staff that holds the tune of her love notes.

Soft silhouettes caress the bleeding rays of the sun above the singing orange tree.

A harmony of painted sounds depicting the fruit of the spirit.