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Jesi Jordan
09.13.20 – 10.30.20


I believe that emotion, when it is not felt, is embodied and then impregnates the subconscious mind. My paintings act as emotional X-rays, where I paint images drawn from my psyche and then map where in my body the emotional memory breeds and bloats. These paintings are deep internal monologues that echo inwards.

In order to do this, I take a singular thought or feeling and divide and subdivide it into the many particles that make up my psyche. The eyes, ears, nose, breasts, mouth and mind are small psychic spirits with their own unique personalities, all have complex relationships with each other. The dynamics that occur between these small psychic spirits and the dynamic they have with each other, create the bias of how the big picture looks and feels.

In my paintings, there are two parallel universes, the larger experience is my current understanding of reality, and the smaller world within it is what creates that perspective. To give more context to the bigger picture, I am showing what I feel is happening from within.

Jesi Jordan