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Álvaro Ferreira Navone
06.20.20 – 07.18.20


An oasis revels itself protecting you from the ongoing flow of messagges beloging to the digital environment we live in. A word, a painting and a flower build this imaginary garden that you must make yours. Inside it you can see your reflection as if it was a mirror. Eight canvases of medium format and digital proportion (specifically the proportion of a mobile cellphone screen) create two separate spaces. These contain aphorisms that throw questions in the air that may well be familiar to any of us. All this is intertwined with flowers and plants, making he phrases difficult to read, forcing you to stop and observe closely.

Both the flowers and the quotes work as a meaningless vehicles for each person who reads them.They share a not so defined border. Both interlace, and make us stop and look in a carefree way. Just as we carry the memories of flowers and ideas, the aphorisms allow pick our own meaning.

Therefore, the flowers that you will see in the paintings were not chosen randomly. For centuries, flowers have become ambiguous and flexible symbols. The Egyptians used the same flowers for both mortuary rituals and other randoms moments of celebration (particularly bay leaf, olive, poppy or sunflower ). This is how they become containers of emotions, intentions or memories. Let’s say that each person in a certain situation appropriates them to their convenience. Just as I want visitors to apporpriate my paintings to their thoughts. And this is how the oasis I was talking about is built!  From the personal field and formed by plants, phrases and memories. All on the same plane.

This also makes me think of the artist´s figure as the definitive author. In this case, doesn’t the work end with each viewer? My scope is limited, and it is precisely the articulation of memories and feelings of each individual that completes each of these pieces.

In this body of work I try to give comprehensible instructions so you can see them as Fischli and Weiss said: “Like the decorations of a Christmas tree, you don’t need them but they get you in a good mood.”