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Jonay P. Matos
09.28.19 – 10.31.19


According to
Me: ¿Who cares about an original?
According to
Tony: Kill lies all.

“In spite of appearances to the contrary, men lose affection for paintings, sculptures and poetry. Human beings have now set their hearts on completely different things: machines, scientific discoveries, wealth, mastery of natural forces and extensions of the earth. They no longer feel art as a vital and spiritual necessity, as it happened in the past centuries. Many of them continue to act as artists and make art, but they do it for reasons that have little to do with true art, they do it under the spirit of imitation, because of tradition, by inertia, a love to show off, as a luxury, because of intellectual curiosity, to follow a fashion or by calculation.”

Fragment of the book  “A Visit to Picasso” (Or About The Ened of Art)”. The Black Book. Giovanni Papini. 1959.

Perhaps Giovanni Papini was not mistaken when putting voice to Picasso, he said that in the future the heart of the people would be in other things such as machines, scientific discoveries, wealth, mastery of natural forces and extensions of the earth, and before this the artists would only have two outputs: have fun and earn money.

The internet (specifically, social networks) is the starting point for this project and the gallery space is the large canvas where works of different nature coexist and become part of a whole. A scenography, where no element is individual or original if it does not belong to the set, to a theatrical imaginary, where the artist conceives a kind of idea of himself and lets the viewer project his own idea of what he is seeing, without questioning the depth of that reality but by deepening the idea of perception that we have of ourselves through the social networks (and the ideas others have about us).

So, according to Tony: Kill lies there.

Phrase that graffiti artist Tony Shafrazi made about Guernica in New York, 1974.

Jonay PMatos’ work mixes processes that are established between the artisanal and the digital. During this month of September 2019 Jonay PMatos has used the space at Daniela Elbahara, as a canvas where creation, play and fun come together. On an individual basis or in collaboration with other artists PMatos has created various works that are also documented with photo and video.

On Friday, September 28, 2019 the imaginary of this artist will be presented in this space that questions the psychological aspect of the value of the image with which we project, often carefully studied and protected behind the screen, a lie that kills the original.