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Aníbal Catalán and Alejandro Almanza Pereda
05.30.19 – 08.29.19


This expo shows two artist friends who met just after leaving the arts school. Both Aníbal Catalan and Alejandro Almanza, had tried to be architects before becoming professional artists and living off their work. For a while, they even shared studio.

Anibal’s work is visibly architectural. His previous strokes in Autocad are embellished by precise interventions made with materials such as acrylic, spray, and even oil. Anibal´s sculptures demonstrate his ability to lay out a non-existent and futuristic world very similar to that of the paintings and drawings of Lissitzky, Malevich and Russian suprematist architects.

Alejandro’s work is an organized disorder. It is a shock that breaks the monotony, and draws attention for its rarity. Almanza generates poetic compositions by reorganizing found objects and building material. That is the architectural reflection that he gives to his pieces. The results always stand out.

Both have exhibited and belong to the best collections in Mexico (Museum of Modern Art, Jumex Collection, Carrillo Gil Collection, etc.) as well as have won national and international awards (National System of Creators of FONCA, Krasner-Pollock).