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With Sean Barton, Conrad Carlson, Andrew Chapman, Matt Clark, Ira Coyne, Gailon Justus, Steve Kirkland, Chris Lux, Ajene Moss, Panda Sex, Primo Pitino, John Radtke, Willy Reed, Jim Ricks, Richard Soriano, Luke Stickney, and Thor
05.08.19 – 05.25.19


For this exhibition, The Play Show, artist and curator Jim Ricks brings together the notorious KIL graffiti crew, which originated in San Francisco, CA in the late 90’s, to highlight the attitude and method of experimentation for which they have always been known – usually painting styles years ahead of their time. Keep It Lit, Kids In Limbo, Krylon Inspired Letters, Kissing Irish Ladies, Kings In Limousines, Krush It Lucidly… These are vandals and degenerates that have turned from the hard life. A group of survivors and experimenters, challengers, and disruptors.

Unlike most ‘graffiti shows’ this one is a little smarter. This particular group has stood out from day one as a group of highly experimental and risk taking artists. By showcasing this crew we are able to see artists that have transitioned into the art world with the same methodology that made them stand out on the streets.

The theme of play provides a connection between all of the artists – in various stages of their careers – and and emphasizes an approach to experimentation and an attitude that disregds conformity and breaks down the barriers of convention – the starting point for the crew in 1998. Sean Barton has created weed ‘roach’ incense as he reconciles his early memories in an installation. Jim Ricks shows new work featuring a ‘former homie’, Willy Reed constructions self reflexive sculptural ‘paintings’ that push and dangle in all directions, Primo Pitino underscores his role in the SF queer DJ and rave scene, and a number of other new works including work by Chris Lux, Andrew Chapman, Panda Sex, Ira Coyne, and more.